Andy Malone

Born Sept 20th 1984 and originally from Newfoundland Canada, Andy Malone has accomplished a lot in his diverse career. Andy discovered acting as an early teen in junior high and hasn’t stopped since completing a four year fine arts university degree in the performing arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

During his final year studying the performing arts, Andy began work on a theatre company with his University colleague and named the company Act One Inc. becoming the co-owner, co-artistic director, and president of the company. For his two year run as president, Andy had produced, written, directed, and performed in various stage plays and has taught theatre to various young students as part of a summer program. That same summer, Andy had closely work shopped with children that had learning disabilities to have the opportunity to express themselves through art.

In Calgary, Alberta at the age of 23 , Andy became an acting coach for the film academy John Robert Powers. Here he had taught various forms of film/T.V acting as well as improvisation, scene study and character development courses. During this time, Andy also became an acting coach for the international event IPOP (International Presentation Of Performers) as well as being contracted by an American based talent Agency, named Nova Talent, to represent Canada as an acting coach for the W.C.O.P.A ( World Championship of Performing Arts). That same summer, Andy had closely worked with many industry professionals such as coaching with A.J Trauth from the hit Disney show
Even Stevens, nickelodeon actor Matthew Underwood and had his students audition for reputable L.A casting director Joe Lorenzo.

Now Living in Toronto, Andy works regularly in the Independent Film Industry as a professional Actor In Television, Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Documentaries, and is currently working on self written, and produced projects ranging from live performance to episodic series and films. Some of Andy’s Films have already won awards at various small scale medium scale and larger scale film

Andy Malone: IMDB

Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer grew up in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles and landed her very first audition, an international Estee Lauder campaign. Work in daytime TV followed, including roles on the popular soaps The Bold and the Beautiful and Guiding Light, which moved her to New York City. Upon her return to L.A., Jennifer began landing roles in primetime TV, and was thrilled to include in her body of work three episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210. Jennifer’s film credits include some of her proudest accomplishments: working on two Steven Spielberg productions, A.I. with Jude Law, and Minority Report with Tom Cruise. In 2001,

Jennifer returned to Vancouver, continuing her film and TV work with such artists as Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and Mark Valley, as well as accomplished filmmakers Mike White and Anne Wheeler. Toronto became home in 2008 and brought new opportunities. While furthering her acting career, Jennifer began teaching. Having been coached by such greats as Larry Moss (who also boasts Hilary Swank and Leonardo DiCaprio as students), and Allan Miller (Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep among others), she is pleased to share their wisdom and help artists grow.

For more information, please visit:

Conrad Coates

Since 1985 Conrad Coates has acted in theatre, film, television and radio. He has performed in more than 40 stage productions across the country, including two seasons at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival, North America’s largest classical repertory theatre.

With over 80 Canadian and American television credits under his belt, his work also expands to include writing, producing, teaching and mentoring.

In 2003, he wrote, produced and directed a short film titled “Dakota”, and for several years, Coates was a drama teacher for Toronto’s multi-discipline “SuiteLife Arts for Youth Program.”

Prior to his formal training as an actor, Coates started in “the biz” as a
radio announcer/producer with CBC’s northern radio service, which was
broadcast across Canada’s artic from CFFB Frobisher Bay (Iqualuit) NWT.

Earlier in his career, he was a researcher for CBC’s national network
program “Man Alive”, and is a former coordinator with the Black Film and
Video Network (BFVN), Canada’s international membership association for
black artists and filmmakers.

Coates is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, ACTRA and the Canadian
Actors’ Equity Association.

Monica Mustelier

As well as being an award-winning actress, Monica Mustelier writes, produces and directs for both stage and film. Some of her acting credits include: Covert Affairs (USA Network) Innocent (TNT Network), FRINGE
(FOX), Caesar: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (James Franco), True Justice (Steven Segal), Hardwired (Cuba Gooding Jr.), Supernatural (CW) Sanctuary (SyFi), Smallville (CW) and Big Head (TIFF/VIFF/CBC). She has over 60 TV commercial credits under her belt such as McDonalds, Tim Horton’s, Tostitos, Bud Light and Kellogg’s, only to name a few.

Monica is a dedicated acting teacher and coach for well over 7 years and
has become highly recommended by actors and agents from Vancouver
to Toronto. She creates a fun and challenging environment. Many of her
student’s have gone on to book roles in feature films, TV commercials, and
professional theatre.

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