Studi West Rate Sheet

Here are the detailed rates for leasing Studio West. We offer various services in addition to leasing space.

Leasing Rates for Studio West

Studio Space ONLY $25 / hr
Interchangeable Backdrop
Waiting Room Usage

Space and SEATING $40 / hr
Interchangeable Backdrop
Waiting Room Usage
Seating for 20-25 People
Reception Services

Space and ALL EQUIPMENT $80 / hr

Interchangeable Backdrop
Seating for 20-25 people
Waiting Room Usage
Reception Services
Camera Equipment
Soft lights and Speaker System
Microphone and Stand
40? Monitor for Footage Playback
Electrical Curtain System

Services Rates for Studio West

Audition Videos: $45 / 30 minutes
Root Menu Layout
Camera Operator / Reader

DVD Copy: $10 / copy
Root Menu Layout

Private Rehearsal Session: $100 / hr
Root Menu Layout
Camera Operator / Reader
Footage Playback and Coaching

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