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The students will be trained in techniques which will prepare them for working in
professional situations. This course is designed for those who are just beginning to
broaden their knowledge in the world of Acting. Students will gain immeasurable
knowledge about the business, behind the business of acting which, is paramount to any
actor’s success in the industry. Students will learn a range of etiquettes from auditioning,
to agents, to photos and resumes, to bookings, to scripts, to camera and body positioning
and much more. This class will leave the students with a wealth of knowledge which will
help them to ensure success in their career as an actor.

Cost $595.00 per course
Relaxation methods and scene analysis will be taught as they are needed for film and
television acting. Scenes from film scripts will be analyzed and blocked. The class covers
how actors must maintain a consistent emotional through-line from scene to scene, even
while shooting out of sequence.

Cost $595.00 per course
The power of a great performance lies in the actor’s ability to reveal under pressure the
intricacies of human heart. Scenes should be about an exploration of truth and the human
spirit. Living in the moment. All final scenes will be done on camera and involve use
of props, blocking, rehearsal, hitting marks while focusing on continuity and technical
awareness of the camera medium and frame.

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